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Walk-in Environment Test Chamber  
High & Low Temperature (Humidity…  
Low Pressure Test Chamber/Low Pr…  
Thermal Shock Test Chamber  
Accelerate Temperature Test Cham…  
Temp/Humid/Vibration Test Chambe…  
Comprehensive Rain Test Chamber  
Rain Dripping Test Device  
Swing Pipe Rain Test Device  
Strong Water Spray Test Device  
Continuing Diving Test Device  
UL Water-Spray Test Device  
Salt Spray Chamber  
Sand And Dust Test Chamber  
weep Frequency Vibration Test Ma…  
Simulate Motor Transport Vibrati…  
Bus Rainproof Sealing Test Chamb…  
Windy & Rainy Test Chamber  
UV Aging Chamber  
Xenon Light Weather Test Chamber  
Ozone Aging Test Chamber  
Solar PV Lab/Solar PV Module Cha…  
Thermal Aging Test Chamber  
High Temperature Test Chamber  
Drying Oven  
High Temperature Vacuum Test Cha…  
Industrial Oven  
Nitrogen Hight Temperature Test …  
Thermal Aging Laboratory  
Cold Storage/Fresh-Keeping Store…  
Ballast Hot Test Chamber  
Walk-in Sand and Dust Test Chamb…  
VOC Detect Environment Chamber  

    Guangzhou VINOPS Environmental Test Equipment Co., Ltd., is a research, design and reliability of climate and environment of professional test equipment company. Strong technical force, brought together a large number of excellent design and manufacturing industry professionals, with the design, ma …

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Purpose of Environmental Testing [2013-07-06]
ISO9001 [2011-05-09]
Patents [2011-05-09]
Temperature Cycling Test And Temperatu… [2011-05-09]
Electronic Product Reliability Test [2011-05-09]
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Walk-in Environment Test Chamber
Walk-in Environment …
High & Low Temperature (Humidity) Test Chamber
High & Low Temperatu…
Low Pressure Test Chamber/Low Pressure And H&L Temperature(Humidity) Test Chamber
Low Pressure Test Ch…
Thermal Shock Test Chamber
Thermal Shock Test C…
Accelerate Temperature Test Chamber
Accelerate Temperatu…
Temp/Humid/Vibration Test Chamber
Comprehensive Rain Test Chamber
Comprehensive Rain T…
Rain Dripping Test Device
Rain Dripping Test D…
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